Homeowners Insurance 

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leading provider of Homeowners Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a wide range of insurance types.

As Long Island Homeowners its important to have low-cost Homeowners Insurance to protect the interest of our most valuable asset while maintaining a manageable monthly budget. Homeowners' insurance dwelling coverage helps protect the physical structure of your home. A lot of our clients who plan on having additions and renovations love knowing they will have their property replaced for the increased property value. Home insurance may cover all your personal belongings in your house. You can be indemnified for the replacement cost of what you ACTUALLY paid for select items. These things are most useful in jewelry insurance and high-value personal property insurance and we suggest using this in conjunction with personal property away from premises coverage. This way no matter where you are your property can be replaced. Low-cost liability insurance can help prevent some very high-cost liability claims. The cost of legal damage after your found responsible for another person's injuries can be devastating and range over a million dollars! Having homeowner insurance that can support an Umbrella policy means you will be able to cover these huge potential losses.


Whether you need homeowners insurance on a new home and are looking for replacement cost coverage for a mortgage or you own outright and are looking for the cheap insurance for a home without a mortgage, we offer a variety of coverage and plans that will ensure your assets are secure for the lowest annual expense.


Can you provide some tips for estimating the value of my home?

On a yearly basis you should take a few minute to check the value of your insurance policy against rising local building costs. If you make any home improvements you should reach out to your local agent to make sure your homeowner policy will cover the recent upgrades.

How much will Homeowner Insurance Cost.

In order to determine to cost of your Homeowners Insurance policy you must determine your home's insured value, or the dwelling coverage limit in your policy. The costs of homeowners insurance depend on a number of factors, including the coverages you select, features of your home and the value of your personal belongings. The more dwelling coverage you have, the higher your homeowners insurance premiums will be. The average monthly premium for homeowners insurance by insured value range for Long Island is approximately 197$.

What is included in my Homeowner Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance helps protect you, your home and your belongings from a variety of unexpected events. A standard policy includes four key types of coverage: dwelling, other structures, personal property and liability. Call First Choice Insurance Services Inc., to speak to a representative about Long Island Homeowner Insurance coverage options.

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What will your Homeowners Insurance cover:

Dwelling insurance/Building - Property Protection this coverage may pay for the interior structures and finishing of the property due to a covered loss.

Debris Removal insurance - This covers the cost to remove any fallen debris in the event of a covered loss.

Glass Insurance - This covers glass both functional and architectural on the exterior of your house due to a covered loss.

Other structures coverage - This also known as other structures coverage. It pays towards replacing other permanent structures which you don't dwell in that are located on your property such as fences, awnings, Sheds, garaged and pool house.

Personal Insurance - This may cover personal injury, slander, and other punitive claims.

Personal/Family Liability - This will pay for bodily injury and lost wages that are a result of injuries which you are found liable for as they occurred to the named insured or on the property.

Guest medical payments - This is a set amount of money that will be given for the personal injury of guests while they are in your house.

Loss Assessments - This is a set amount of money insurance will provide for a loss assessment which will allow a homeowner association to repair any exterior structures and finishings.

Additional Living Expense - This covers your hotel or other living expense when you have been displaced after a covered loss.

Personal Property - This covers the contents of your home- any personal belongings which stay in the home. There are normally limits on particular high-value items.

Select Value Property Insurance - This allows you to select a value for specific personal property that you would like to replace for a specific value.

Personal Property Off-Premises - This covers the contents of your home any personal belongings which you have brought with you away from your home.

Water Back up Insurance - This covers water which may back up into your house from external water treatment due to a covered loss.

Improvements, Alterations, and Additions - This increases your dwelling coverage to account for potential improvements and alterations.

Reasonable Repairs Coverage - This may pay for any reasonable costs incurred to protect insured property from further damage if the cause of loss is covered.

Fire Department Fee Insurance - This covers some fees associated with the fire department in the event of a covered loss.

Lawn, Tree and Plant Insurance - This will pay to replace some of the landscaping in the event of a covered loss.

Electronics Insurance - This coverage towards replacing stolen or damaged electronics in the event of a covered loss.

Crime insurance - This covers your home from damage due to vandalism and malicious mischief.

Flood insurance - A specific policy designed to cover your home from damage due to flood.

Coastal homeowners insurance - Insurance providers who specialize in homes that are close to bodies of water. This is more of a classification that allows lower rates for coastal properties.

Identity Theft Expense - This provides a set amount of funds in the event that your identity is stolen.