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Commercial Insurance 

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leader provider of Personal Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a wide range of insurance types.

What is Errors and Omission Insurance?


Our clients who we help with commercial insurance are mostly fellow business owners. All business owners know we can never be too sure that our employees will not make any mistakes. They often tell me what a relief it is knowing that they have their liability covered with a policy that protects their company, workers, and other professionals against any claims of inadequate work or negligent actions. This is an ideal insurance policy for consultants, financial advisers, product agents, or lawyers. E&O insurance is also applicable to businesses outside the financial industry including nonprofits, general maintenance companies and contractors, and engineering firms. Any other company or professional who provides services involving logistics and planning such as vacation or wedding planners, printing and transport may have exposure to liability losses. Doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals also use similar coverage in the form of malpractice insurance. At first choice, we can provide low-cost liability coverage for these events. We work with clients who have had litigation problems and can only find E&O insurance at expensive rates. We work with a large number of insurance carriers and this gives us the option to find a highly cost-effective policy that can make your business more profitable.

Inland Marine and Marine Insurance

At first choice insurance, we suggest either of these policies as, "shipping insurance" depending on whether your business ships goods over land or sea. Whether your business sends goods via air, sea, or land you can rest assured that any potential shipping issues may be indemnified. Business Owners Policies may property housed at a specific location BUT does not cover all high-value items AND does not always cover them in transport.
Things like computers, networking equipment, construction and contracting equipment, medical and scientific equipment, photography equipment may need to specifically covered by these types of insurance policies. Our clients love continuously using our service because we take the time to access your business's needs and compare premium across several insurance providers so we the best rate for cargo insurance. If you have a business that is involved in the transport of the business property give us a call and pay less for business insurance today.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Every business in the United States that has employees has to handle the potential of workers' compensation. If one of our employees is ever injured on the job this type of insurance policy may cover the medical care, death, disability, rehabilitation, any other medical expenses, and wage replacement due to that accident that occurred on the site of a job. At first choice insurance services, we take a full assessment of your exposure and workers' salaries to ensure full compensation and limited out of pocket expenses. Finding the right financial insurance is about matching your companies needs with an insurance company that covers a similar risk. We work with a broad range of insurance carriers to ensure our clients are always working with the best insurance company for their business. We look forward to helping you out

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