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Commercial Auto Insurance 

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leader provider of Personal Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a wide range of insurance types.

Whether you use your car or a fleet of trucks or cars we have carriers who can help replace lost commercial interests properly. These policies protect you from damages to a company or a personal employee vehicle. While workers perform deliveries, make sales visits, pick up supplies, or run errands for your business, they may be found liable for the damage to others or possibly destroy the business product in an accident. Our clients are confident their interest in everything in their business is protected because our team ensures the EXACT value in these assets is protected. We take a look at all your exposure and consider all options that can help you such as insurance for a non-owned vehicle you may be renting for work. We can help make your business more profitable by providing low-cost commercial auto insurance for your pick-up trucks, snowplows, vans, semi-trucks, taxis, limousines, or any other vehicles(including your personal one) for business purposes.

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Do I need Commercial auto insurance?

Personal auto insurance policies will not pay claims in the event of an accident due to business use. For example, if you are driving to deliver business goods or a client to a location your personal auto policy will not cover your goods nor the client’s bodily injury claim in the event of an accident. If you are driving for Uber or Lyft, you are only insured to the state minimum liability coverage. Bodily injury claims can cost the “value of human life” which is well over 1 million dollars meaning and you would have to pay that out of pocket! This is the policy you use if your business uses but does not own a vehicle, such as employee-owned vehicles or a leased truck. Give us a call and we will help you decided if commercial auto insurance is appropriate to protect your business.

What does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

A commercial auto policy, like a personal auto policy, provides coverage for collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, uninsured/underinsured motorist, rental, towing and labor. You may opt to Broadened the "Who Is An Insured?" provision. This allows you to extend liability coverage for another subsidiary company. Personal effects coverage is another additional coverage that pays up to $500 for your personal effects in a covered work vehicle theft. Feel free to give us a call if you have any question about optional coverages and limits 

How much should commercial auto insurance cost me?

Commercial auto insurance can be inexpensive for a small business however rate drastically vary depending on the business's exposure to risk. On average the rate for a commercial auto policy is comparable to policy for one personal auto. Several factors affect policy costs, including the number of vehicles, vehicle type and value, the vehicle’s usage and level of risk involved, claims history and policy deductible and limit. Give us a call for a free, quick, and easy quote.

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