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Commercial General Liability Insurance 

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leader provider of Commercial Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a range of insurance types.

First choice insurance provides a variety of commercial general liability insurance. We all know sometimes our beloved customers will still hold us liable for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by our business’s operations. Any injuries that occur on the business’s premises or because of a business product may be covered by this policy. Our team is well versed in business and will help guide you to ensure that no exposure could otherwise hurt your bottom line. Our clients trust our broad knowledge of the industry and love that we provide diverse coverage options like, employment practices liability coverage. This way even your employees can’t hurt you due to accusations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination by your staff. The best part, you don't have to pay a high premium to have a high-end insurance policy. We work with multiple top-rated carriers so we can find your commercial general liability policy for less.


Is Commercial General Liability Insurance for me?

We must consider our risks and assets owned in our business to access if a CGL (appropriate commercial property and auto policies) policy alone will not leave you exposed. This policy will only cover bodily injuryproperty damage, personal injury, and medical payments to another in the event you found liable for such. This policy does not offer any protection for your stuff. This means the policy does not include protection for your automobiles, structures, equipment or business property lost an auto-related loss. Several low-maintenance and low overhead enterprises benefit from these policies alone or in conjunction with an appropriate commercial auto or property policy. Our clients who use this coverage are often owners of barber’s shops, beauty salons, carpentry contractor for interior finishing’s, electrical contractors, building cleaning and maintenance (interiors), masonry contractors, nail salon, plumbing Contractors (residential) and many more. Give us a call so we can help you decide if a CGL is right for you. 

How much general liability coverage do I need?

The amount of general liability coverage you will need depends on several factors such as the type, size, nature of your business, number of employees, and the type of customers you typically work with. If you have a high net worth customer base, then it is advised that your clients may sue for a lot more than a lower net worth client base. Similar to a BOP ( ), most clients opt for a standard $1 million/occurrence $2 million/aggregate. This means the policy will pay up to $1 million to cover one claim and has a $2 million limit for the policy term (typically one year) before the policy is exhausted. Give us a call and we can discuss how prone your business may be to liability claims and decide which carrier is right for you.

How much should a Commercial Liability policy cost?

The average cost of a general liability insurance policy for our clients is $532 annually. This coverage section will payout when your work leads to the bodily harm of another. This means the lawsuits associated with this coverage average in the millions. At first choice, we strive to provide high-end coverage at a cost-effective rate. Keep in mind, constructing and contracting businesses, cleaning services, and landscaping businesses have the highest general liability costs. This is due to the nature of the work, specifically that it often takes place on someone else’s property. General liability policies can pay for damage you or your employees cause to someone’s property so the risk in these cases is higher. Give us a call and we will help you find the best coverage at the lowest rate possible.

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