Builders Risk Insurance

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leader provider of Builders Risk Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a range of insurance types.

While a business property is under renovation it may be exposed to losses due to theft, vandalism, and weather. Our mutual client's homeowners, builders, contractors, development/investment companies, residential improvement companies, retail companies, and school districts often find themselves with one of their business properties under construction. They feel relieved to have a team with a broad knowledge of renovations and how these changes may expose our assets to loss. Among the physical risks, we also must mind other things that may hold up a project such as ordinances and law, business income, and added expenses. A low-cost builder's risk policy can be an easy way to save a fortune from replacing things like construction materials, temporary structures, landscaping, scaffolding, signs, fences, and landscaping that was lost while a business interest was under construction. We look forward to helping you ensure your property make-over is a secure gain.

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Is Builders Risk Insurance for me?

If you have a business that is under construction the low cost of this policy is often worth the out of pocket expense that normally shows themselves even when the construction is going smooth. Several large-scale projects and university builds require this policy before the work begins. This coverage ensures the renovation is complete and can even help profitability during the time of construction. If you have a business that is undergoing renovation give us a call. We will help you evaluate the need and costs of such

How do I know I have the right coverage?

Many business owners have concerns while under construction if they have the right coverage. Renovations can change directions or suddenly become more costly and then alarming that their insurance won’t replace the loss in full. The post-renovation values and costs of the project are often obscure in the early stages. We take a thorough analysis of the project and work with thousands of project managers who help us, and our business owners understand these values in detail. Our clients love the versatility of a personal agent brings to the table. Additional time may be needed to extend coverages however the type of construction, scope of work, construction value, project start date, and select coverages can be adjusted as we go.

How Much Does a Builders Risk Insurance Policy Cost?

These policies average from 1% - 4% of the construction cost. The builder's risk insurance policy you purchase should vary depending on the construction itself and how much you want the policy to cover. 

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