Boat Insurance 

First Choice Insurance Services is Long Island's Leading provider of Boat and PwC Insurance. Our extensive network of carriers give us the ability to competitively quote a wide range of insurance types.

Everyone loves to relax and get out on the water and we all know the danger that can come with bringing unexperienced passengers on board with us. Our clients love knowing their risk is secure and their boat expenses are low because they have looked all over the industry at multiple carriers with us. Boat insurance can cover repair or replacement costs, medical costs, loss of income, personal affects (such as fishing gear) after an accident. This will also cover the damages to your boat, its motor, boat equipment, and trailer. Those who love enjoying the nice weather but may not quite have their "sea legs" yet can have a little more peace of mind in bringing everyone out. Boat insurance may cover the reasonable cost of towing, mechanical labor at the place of breakdown, and delivery of fuel, oil or battery.

Whether your an experienced boater or you just got your first vessel to give us a call and we will guide you to an effective and low coast boat insurance policy.



Do I need Boat Insurance?

Most people keep a boat insurance policy even though it is not a requirement by the New York State DMV to register a boat. Client's new and old have to us and decided the couple hundred bucks is worth saving several thousand AFTER they had an accident which required them to replace an engine, pay for a lawsuit or call a sea tow. It's always a good idea to get insurance in place for your watercraft because the nominal amount of premium annually covers such a large exposure to loss. In New York you can purchase a Boat Insurance Policy with replacement cost value coverage for physical damage to your boat. Accidents DO happen on the water because so much more then a collision with another boat can cause you to incur a loss. It's important to make sure your weekend cruiser is covered in that event.

How much will Boat Insurance Cost?

On average to insure a boat worth around $20,000 costs about $450 per year to insure. Keep in mind all insurance rates are specific to who and what they cover. To determine to cost of your boat or personal watercraft insurance you must take a few factors into account. Factors that determine rate include but are not limited to, credit, accident history, exposure to loss, and value of the property. Boat insurance is not like your average insurance, the cost of the boat or personal watercraft insurance will typically be less than say a vehicle. You may choose to go by agreed value or book value when setting up your policy.

What types of Boats do you typically insure?

First Choice Insurance Services Inc., is an agency that supports the South Shore Long Island boating scene and you can find us sponsoring many local events across Long Island. We help thousands of local Long Islanders get the best rates on boat or personal watercraft insurance policies. Some of the many boats we have insured include Regulator, Sea Ray, Century, Grady White, Tide Water. Boat insurance can cover all types of boats even cigarette racers and catamaran sailing boats. Our clients feel a bit safer knowing their insurance policy is specifically crafted to their boats usage and exposure. Make sure you give us a call and we will choose the right options for your pleasure craft  

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What will your Boat insurance cover:

Watercraft Liability - This will pay a certain amount for bodily injury and lost wages when you are found liable for an accident that happened on a boat.

Property Damage Liability - This will cover property which you have damaged in an accident with another vehicle, this may include the other boats, docks, houses, traps, fences signs and buoys.

Uninsured/Under-Insured Boat - This is bodily Injury coverage this covers you in the event that the at-fault party is not present (hit and run) or if they do not have enough insurance to cover your claim.

Medical Payments - This is a set amount of money that will give for the personal injury you and of any guests while they are in your boat.

Your Property Coverage -  This covers your vehicle repairs or replacement in the event it is destroyed or damaged after, theft, certain covered incidents (such as weather) or an accident that occurred with another vehicle.

Emergency Service - A set amount of money that pays for towing, gas and other boating assistance while broken down or stuck.

Optional Equipment Coverage - Can help pay for the repair or replace custom parts like radios and custom frame and fender work after a covered accident.

Transport Trailer Coverage - Covers a specific amount of money towards repairing or replacing a trailer the boat is kept on

Death indemnity - A small amount of money that pays if an accident leads to death.

Identity Theft Expense - This provides a set amount of funds in the event that your identity is stolen.